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Driving VS the Environment

Every person dreams of owning a good car. Everybody wants to own a vehicle. The environment usually suffers from vehicle emissions. The disappearance of islands is imminent if the temperatures continue to rise. Vehicles are the greatest sources of carbon monoxide emissions.

Carbon monoxide from the vehicles is due to the combustion of gasoline or diesel. When you have a car you should be responsible. Measure should be put in place to curb carbon monoxide emission. By getting rid of gasoline and diesel it would be possible to curb carbon emission.

Solar driven cars could be the solution to the pollution. Electric cars have also been witnessed in the recent past. Everything should be done to make sure that the carbon emissions are minimized or eliminated altogether.
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Huge traffic in the cities is attributed to huge carbon emissions. Huge traffic is attributed to the huge emissions of carbon in the urban centers. It has been witnessed in the recent past in some of the major Asian cities smoke fog that makes it hard for people to have a clear vision of their surroundings.
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Emissions of carbon has been known to contribute to global warming. Carbon monoxide gas has been known to cause global warming effects. The direct sun rays which could be harmful are reduced in strength by the ozone layer which gets destroyed by the carbon monoxide gas. The rise in ocean waters has been due to the melting of polar ice which is caused by rising temperatures. The disappearance of islands could be witnessed shortly if the polar ice continues melting. To curb global warming concerted efforts are needed forthwith.

The direct sun rays could cause skin cancer. To save the situation, the governments are required to come together to solve the issue.

The devastating effects of global warming could only be reduced or eliminated through efforts of the major players in the world.

It is possible to make the world free from global warming, but this will only happen when the major world players come together; the community of nations and auto manufacturers.

The environment is very important for our survival. You could also try and reduce the emission of carbon in the air by maintaining your vehicle in the best possible ways. By removing old vehicles from the road, the governments would be fighting a good fight to ensure our environment is safe from carbon emissions and hence global warming. These vehicles are the major polluter of the air.